10 Craziest Beauty Trends of 2018

10 Craziest Beauty Trends of 2018

Trends come and go. However, we are always on the look for "what is next" and social media is well known for being the epicenter of certain trends. These are the 10 most bizarre beauty trends we have seen so far in 2018.

1- Halo Brows

Picture of lady using halo trend


2- Hairy Nostrils 

Nose Hair


3- Anime Makeup

Anime makeup


4- Lip Tattoos

Lip Tattoos


5- Tiger Brows

Tiger Brows


6- Tooth Nails

Tooth Nails


7- Neon Makeup

Neon Makeup


8- Pencil Brows

Pencil Brows



9- Glitter Mask

Glitter Mask


10- Marble Nails

Marble Nails


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